Driving Instructor: How to Pick the Right One

Take for example, if like anyone else you are in search of a driving instructor in Wembley, Ruislip, Harrow or any location of choice, you will definitely be perplexed when it comes to making the right choice. In fact what you tend to find is brand new driving schools and instructors come out each and every day at a shocking rate. There seems to be a sudden boom in the driving instructor or teach people to drive business.

One major reason for the sudden boom in the driving instructor business category is the current economic climate. The nation is littered with job cuts here and there which has clearly given birth to many people turning to other ways to earning a living. Most of the bigger driving schools have tapped into this as an opportunity to carry out massive marketing campaign to tell people they can make a limitless amount of money from working as a driving instructor and that it is absolutely easy to set up your own driving school business. This means an avalanche of driving schools for learners to choose from, usually leaving them perplexed and not knowing which driving instructor will effectively meet their requirements.

Let’s say you are looking for a driving instructor in Hillingdon or any location of choice; you need to be equipped with the right questions in order to select a properly trained and qualified driving instructor who will be able to customise your driving lessons in order to meet your requirements effectively.

Five helpful tips to help you pick the right driving instructor:

Affordable Driving Lessons Package

The first question asked by most learner drivers is “how much do driving lessons cost?” The thought that comes to mind is I don’t want to pay more than usual hence the price comparison. Coupled with the first question, another crucial one to ask is “how many driving lessons will I need?” This is very important as it will be pointless to pick a driving instructor based on their cheap driving lessons package and end up taking more lessons than you actually need.

Take your Driving Lessons at the right time

You need to have the right mindset before taking any of your driving lessons. Before booking your lessons, take a careful look at your weekly schedule to determine the ideal day and time slots. If an instructor is unable to work with your schedule, simply look elsewhere in order to avoid getting rushed which will have adverse effect on your learning curve.

Tackling Driving Phobias and Fears

It is common with new drivers to experience some degree of anxiety and fear regarding the thoughts of taking driving lessons or specific driving skills like reversing, parking in-between two cars amongst others. Before hand picking a driving Instructor, it is ideal to discuss your worries and carefully listen to his or her response. A savvy driving instructor will be a good listener, empathise with their student as well as instilling them with confidence that their fears and worries can be easily conquered. This is a good indicator for a student to know if he or she will feel comfortable around the prospective driving instructor.

Driving Instructor’s Feedback History

The last thing a new driver wants is signing up with a driving instructor with a track record of more failure than pass from driving tests. You can carry out a quick Google search for possible feedback history as well as ask if you can get testimonials from previous students. If an instructor ignores your request or is simply reluctant to respond, that is a warning sign that you need to look elsewhere.